Silver Eye Beach Volleyball

Rules & Regulations

Updated Tuesday June 30, 2015 by Silver Eye Beach Volleyball.

2014 Silver Eye Sports Beach Volleyball League (Coed 4 0n 4)


1.     Matches are best 2 of 3 (rally point scoring)

  • First to win 2 sets wins the match. First two sets are capped at 23, 3rd set is to 15 capped at 17.
  • Teams only need to play until one team wins 2 sets, but are encouraged to play for fun, time permitting.
  • Side changes will occur every set.
  • Matches must be completed withinin 40 minutes of start time.

2.     If a team is 5 minutes late, they will start the game down 5-0. If they are ten minutes late, they will forfeit the first set.

3.     There will be a coin toss or paper/rock/scissors to start the match.  The winner chooses to either serve or receive for the 1st and 3rd set. 

4. In the event that a team can only field 3 players, they shall play the game shorthanded with no penalty to the team with only 3 players. If a team shows up with less than 3 players, the team will forfeit the first set.  If After 15 minutes the offending team is still not at the 3 player minimum, the match is forfeit.

5.     The ball may be served from any point behind the end line.

6.     The let serve is permitted (the serve is good if the ball hits the net, continues over, and remains within the court boundaries).

7.     The ball cannot be blocked on a serve.

8.     The ball may only be attacked on a serve if it is contacted below the height of the net.

9.     Overhand passing the ball during serve reception is permitted.

10.   Overhand passes are permitted on 1st contact.

11.   If the ball is contacted during a block, this counts as the first contact and the ball must be put over the net with no more than two more contacts.  The blocker who touches the ball may play the ball on the next touch.  

12.   Contact with the net is not permitted at any time.  This does not include contact made by hair.

13.   There are no restrictions on what positions players on the court begin with, switch to, or play in (i.e. any player may block or hit at the net).

14.   Order of service must be maintained, and for Co-ed it must be M/F/M/F.

15.   For co-ed, 2 males cannot block together, unless there is a female between them actively participating in the block.  

16.   For co-ed, if a team’s male players contact the ball 3 consecutive times, the play is dead and a point is awarded to the opposing team.

17.   There are no Referees. Games will be called on the honour system. Team captains will agree on the start/finish time of each match. If there is a disagreement between teams on a call, the team captains will work it out and come to a decision.

18. Winning team is responsible for contacting the league with the game scores.

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